About us

I Could Eat! is more than just an amazing name. We create (and scale!) great brands.

We are definitely not your average tech startup. We only invest our time, energy and resources into brands which we think can easily scale and become cash flow positive within a short time.

But first: what’s the deal with the name?

Yeah, we get that a lot!

Rewind back to February 2022 and our Chief Eating Officer (CEO) was at EPCOT with his wife and close friends for the Flower & Garden Festival. After riding the #2 best ride in Orlando (ask our CEO what the #1 is) and eating food all day at the festival, some fried cinnamon rolls were calling our CEO’s name. Our CEO’s best friend said: “seriously, we’ve been eating all day. Are you really going to get some of those cinnamon rolls?!”. To which our CEO replied, “yeah, I could eat!”. They looked at each other and both said at the same time: “that’s a great name for a company!”. And the rest is history.